When the CRTC declared broadband a basic telecommunications service in December 2016, the Ontario Federation of Agriculture joined prominent leaders in government, business, and industry in applauding the move by Canada’s telecommunications regulator.

OFA has been saying rural Ontario needs reliable high speed internet for years, advocating for equal access to broadband for Ontario’s rural communities and are pleased with the announcement. –  Pat Jilesen, Director, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

After more than a year and a half of hearings and consultations with Canadians, advocacy groups, and service providers from across the country, the Canadian Radio Television and Communications Commission (CRTC) declared that broadband Internet connectivity is a basic telecommunications service for all Canadians. The announcement also included significantly improved target speeds of 50 Mbps download and 10 Mpbs upload, provisions for unlimited data plans, and the creation of a new fund that will invest up to $750 million over the next five years over and above existing government programs and commitments.

We know our members have been patient and are now eager to see this new program roll out. OFA will continue to work with the government to formalize this plan and see Ontario farmer’s access the necessary high speed broadband we need. – Pat Jilesen, Director, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

To read the Ontario Federation of Agriculture’s full comments on the CRTC ruling on broadband as a basic telecommunications service, visit www.ofa.on.ca

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