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It has been an exciting year for SWIFT and the future of connectivity in Canada: The federal and provincial government invested $180 million in the SWIFT initiative, the federal government announced an additional $500 million in extending broadband service to rural and remote communities through the Connect to Innovate program, and the CRTC ruled that broadband is a basic telecommunications service and all Canadians should have access.

We are pleased to see all levels of government working together to connect Canadians and remain committed to making “broadband for everyone” a reality for southwestern Ontario, Caledon, and Niagara Region. Our offices will be lightly staffed over the holiday break. We look forward to connecting with you again on January 3, 2017!

On behalf of the SWIFT Board and staff, we would like to wish everyone the very best this holiday season. We can’t wait to keep working to build broadband for everyone in 2017!

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