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With less than 10 days left until Ontarians head to the polls, it’s important to ensure SWIFT is on the minds of both voters and potential Members of Provincial Parliament.

As candidates seek to meet you at community events or while knocking on doors, and as they make their priorities clear at candidates’ meetings and debates, we encourage you to ask the following key questions about their commitment to SWIFT and #broadbandforeveryone:

  • If you are elected, will you and your party support SWIFT as a critical program for building affordable, modern broadband for everyone? 
  • If you are elected, will you and your party support the implementation of a coordinated provincial broadband plan that aligns with SWIFT? 
  • If you are elected, will you and your party support long-term, predictable funding to programs like SWIFT to address Ontario’s connectivity barriers and meet the needs of rural communities, small towns, and urban centers alike? 

We also encourage you to adapt and ask/share the following messages on platforms like Twitter and tag your local candidates and their parties. Doing so will help raise the profile of SWIFT during this important election – and ensure it remains a priority following June 7th, 2018:

  • Will the [NDP/Liberals/Conservatives/Green Party/other political party] ensure #broadbandforeveryone becomes a reality by supporting @SWIFT_Broadband, @[candidate name]?  
  • #BroadbandForEveryone matters to the 3.5 million people in #SWOnt. Do you support @SWIFT_Broadband, @[candidate name]? 
  • Ontario needs a coordinated broadband plan. Will you & your party make #broadbandforeveryone a priority if elected, @[candidate name]? 

We encourage you to include SWIFT in conversations about election priorities with your networks and to share these questions widely. By ensuring as much direct support for SWIFT as possible during pre-election conversations about investment priorities, the stronger our we can make our case post-election to continue advocating for SWIFT as the critical vehicle for connecting the 25% of Ontario’s population that lives, works and plays in our region.

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