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Who can become a member? And why should your organization join SWIFT?

SWIFT membership is open to any community or organization that needs connectivity to any of its locations.

First Nations, lower-tier municipalities, schools and school boards, colleges, universities, hospitals and health care organizations, and private businesses are all welcome to join SWIFT as members. Annual membership rates range from $250 to $2500 depending on the number of locations you commit to the network.


More Members = More Connections, More Choice, Better Services = Better Broadband for Everyone!

As we move into the RFPQ/RFP process for the project, the more sites we have committed to the network, the more influence we will have with service providers and the more competitive the resulting network bids and build will be for participating members. SWIFT provides the initial subsidy to support service providers build critical infrastructure. Members receive benefits of our significant procurement expertise, including aggregated demand, negotiated rates, and support in preparing RFPs for broadband services. SWIFT supports members with a standards based approach to infrastructure investment, including advice on service level agreements and ensuring core standards are met. Members benefit from SWIFT’s extensive experience advocating on behalf of communities and consumers.

As a buying group, SWIFT will ensure greater competition between telecom service providers. More competition gives consumers more choices, which leads to better services and lower prices. By working together, municipalities, First Nations, health care organizations, schools and school boards, colleges and universities, our members will benefit from the significant influence that comes from their collective buying power – and SWIFT’s principles of open access and transparency will help increase competition and lead to better services at lower prices for organizations, businesses, and residents alike.

It’s a big deal that SWIFT is undertaking this project regionally and to address backbone, middle-mile, and last mile challenges as part of the same network design. SWIFT’s model means our region is not just going to receive faster Internet, but better Internet. No one else can deliver services with these kinds of guarantees, because no one else will have this kind of coverage. SWIFT’s principles mean that every community will benefit from faster, more reliable, more affordable, and completely future-proofed infrastructure.

After Phase 1 is complete and the network is operational SWIFT will collect a small residual from the successful Telecom Service Providers. The residuals will be added to the Broadband Development Fund (BDF) along with sponsorship funds, more upper level government funding and membership fees. Periodically the board will use the BDF to continue to build out more infrastructure until #broadbandforeveryone becomes a reality.

The more organizations using SWIFT infrastructure, the greater the Broadband Development Fund will be – every SWIFT network user will effectively result in increased contributions to the Broadband Development Fund, which means future investments will be self-sustaining and accelerate broadband connections across the entire region.

Being a member means your voice is heard. Contact us to join today!

Membership Benefits

SWIFT provides the initial subsidy to support service providers build critical infrastructure.

Members receive the benefit of:

  • SWIFT’s significant procurement expertise
  • Aggregated demand
  • Negotiated rates
  • Support in preparing RFPs for broadband services.

SWIFT supports members with:

  • Standards based approach to infrastructure investment
  • Advice on service level agreements and ensuring core standards are met.

SWIFT employs a team of a skilled and experienced community and consumer advocates. Being a member means your voice is heard.

Membership Rates

Regardless of the size of your community, where you’re located, or what sector
you represent, our membership rates are based on the principle of equal access.

Rates are based on number of sites your organization commits to the SWIFT network:

  • 1 site = $250 annual fee
  • 2-10 sites = $500 annual fee
  • 10-25 sites = $1000 annual fee
  • 25-50 sites = $1500 annual fee
  • 50-100 sites = $2000 annual fee
  • Over 100 sites = $2500 annual fee

How does joining SWIFT benefit your community or organization?

Membership means you have a voice and a choice...