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Statement from the SWIFT Board Chair

As an organization working to connect over 3.5 million Ontarians across more than 350 communities, SWIFT is based on the idea that we are better together, and better when we are connected. We serve diverse communities and believe our principles of openness and collaboration apply to more than just broadband.

Like many Canadians and leaders in the technology community, we have been moved by recent events south of the border and by the tragic attack at the Centre culturel islamique de Québec located in the Ste-Foy neighbourhood of the city of Québec. We stand together with fellow Canadians such as those in Quebec City today – and remain committed to connecting Ontarians so that we may all benefit from our collective diversity and shared aspirations for the future.

As community leaders, we honour Canada’s values of peace, diversity and inclusion, recognize our privilege as a prosperous nation, and understand that the digital economy is powered by diverse societies. We are proud to work on behalf of our communities to promote equal access to new opportunities in education, finance, innovation, health, agriculture, technology and more, as Canada reflects on its past 150 years and looks to a future built on diversity, collaboration, and truly interconnected communities.

Broadband for everyone is simply that – for everyone. Just like Canada.


Gerry Marshall
Chair, Board of Directors
Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology Inc.

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