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On October 21, the Intelligent Community Forum today named the world’s Smart21 Communities of 2016 and SWIFT Network member Lambton County was one of the Canadian communities named to the Smart 21 list. This select group of communities will now be in contention for the prestigious designation of Intelligent Community of the Year in June 2016.

“We are very excited to name 11 new communities from North America, Europe and Asia to this year’s Smart21,” said ICF co-founder Robert Bell.  “We streamlined our selection process this year, increasing the quantitative portion of the data-gathering and analysis, and that has created opportunities for more cities and counties to be included in consideration for this prestigious group of Smart21 Communities.”

The Smart21 Communities of 2016 are comprised of eight communities from Canada, five communities from Taiwan, two communities from the United States, two communities from Australia, and one community each from Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand and Sweden.

NOTE – The Intelligent Community Forum produced a video about the Smart21 for 2016. It can be viewed here –

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