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We’ve been working with the team at the University of Guelph’s Regional and Rural Broadband Project (R2B2) for several years, and recently reaffirmed this important partnership as part of our shared work in understanding the economic and social impact of broadband extension on rural communities.

Comprised of academic and technical experts from the University of Guelph, the University of Windsor, Ryerson University, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs, and other public and private partners, the R2B2 Project studies the return on investment in broadband in rural communities.

The implications of connectivity on agriculture, farming technologies, and farmers and their families, is a particular research interest of R2B2 Project members. Project lead Dr. Helen Hambly and her team members have written extensively on innovations in rural farm families and recently worked with Agriculture and Agri-food Canada’s (AAFC) Innovation and Growth Policy Division to study how current and future connectivity influences the adoption of Precision Agriculture (PA) technologies among crop farmers in Southwestern Ontario.

You can learn more about the R2B2 Project at or by following the project on Twitter or Facebook.


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