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When experienced farmers turn their attention to digital innovation, great things happen. Bringing together technical expertise in agriculture and technology, the team behind AgNition, an innovative ag-tech start-up in Guelph, are building new solutions for the modern farmer.
AgNition is a mobile application software company specializing in agriculture and agri-food. Founders Rob Hannam and Peter Gredig both grew up in agriculture with a fascination for technology and its impact. A shared interest in harnessing technology to build a better, more efficient agriculture industry brought the pair together. In 2010, they started AgNition to mobilize information for farmers and the industry, and to leverage technology to grow stronger businesses.

Today, AgNition is an industry leader that specializes in custom application development and brand-able licenced products with a focus on tools that are:

  • Easy to use, mobile friendly, intuitive, reliable and secure
  • Able to solve problems, simplify business processes, and capture opportunities for the agriculture and agri-food sector

We believe that businesses like AgNition exemplify the importance of a connected economy, founded on the critical connectivity that makes sure innovative entrepreneurs are able to deliver the solutions the modern farmer wants and needs.

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