How is funding awarded?

SWIFT will issue Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to invite prequalified service providers to submit network designs to address broadband service gaps in eligible funding areas throughout Southwestern Ontario.

SWIFT is committed to an open, fair and transparent procurement process. To ensure funding is awarded fairly, SWIFT will evaluate all compliant proposals based on a predetermined assessment criteria. The evaluation and selection process have been designed to maximize project outcomes to increase the reach of high-speed connectivity to underserved communities and rural areas.


SWIFT’s RFP process involves several important stages to ensure high-quality projects are selected for funding. Despite best effort,timelines and the duration of each stage may vary depending on project size and external factors.

Request for Proposal Issued

Issues RFP

SWIFT will issue Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for eligible funding areas for each county in Southwestern Ontario, including Niagara and Caledon

Proposal Development

Receive Proposals

Service providers design and submit network proposals for the construction of new broadband infrastructure capable of providing 50/10 service or better in eligible funding areas.

Evaluation and Assessment

Review Proposals

A team consisting of SWIFT staff and one municipal representative will review all eligible proposals. Eligible proposals will then be evaluated against the assessment criteria set out in the RFP to ensure funding is awarded to projects that maximize the reach of high-speed connectivity to underserviced communities.

Approved Projects

Award Contracts

Once proposals are selected and contracts are awarded the Ontario Government will announce all successful projects, including construction timelines.

Final Outcome


Network build is complete delivering high-speed internet to many more rural areas to help grow businesses and connect people to online resources, services, friends and family.

Approved Projects