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In an interview with Your Morning’s Ben Mulroney on CTV, University of Guelph’s Dr. Helen Hambly (Project Lead for the Regional and Rural Broadband Project) and Grain Farmers of Ontario’s Mark Brock explain how farmers are using technology to their advantage.

“The wired farm is the farm of the future. Agriculture contributes about 100 billion to the Canadian economy every year, and we only see that going up through the adoptions of new technologies. There’s efficiences gains, but there are also productivity gains, gains for the natural environment, saving on energy, saving on water, and reducing the risk. It’s important that we invest in the underlying infrastructure. If you don’t have ultra-high-speed internet in rural communities, these technologies aren’t going to function properly.” – Dr. Helen Hambly

More than 37% of Canadian farms don’t have access to even marginal Internet speeds of 5 Mbps (downloads) – so investments like SWIFT are critical to ensuring Canadian farmers achieve their goals.

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